Thursday, November 10, 2022


I drove down onto the levee by the Mississippi to get a closer view of what's going on. During busier periods, particularly summer, the levee is used for parking. You can just see the faint yellow stripes on the cobblestones. It's not unusual to see the water getting close to the spaces painted at bottom center. If Old Man River is really rolling it can cover the paved path at left center or even go over the cement wall above that and over the street.

In an hour's shooting I saw one barge go by. My last office overlooked the river and a tow would pass in both directions every few minutes. As a commentator on FB noted yesterday, this is causing great difficultly for farmers who can't get their grain to port.               


Barbara R. said...

Our civilization has depended upon river travel for centuries. Mother Earth is reminding us of how much we are connected to he forces, and I am sad that old man river is so low.

Stefan Jansson said...

Did you ever buy an eBike?

William Kendall said...

Drought on the one hand, trying too much to control a river on the other hand.