Monday, August 22, 2022


Yesterday was the very rare day with no post. I've been working hard as the St. Louis Fringe's photographer. I've lost track of how many shows I shot this week but I think my right index finger needs a splint.

One of the best shows I've seen working with the Fringe is Jon Bennett's Fire In The Meth Lab. Bennett is an Australian storyteller, actor and comedian, and winner of many awards. This show is about his relationship with his brother Tim, two years older and with serious emotional problems. He tormented Jon when they were children. As they grew older on their family's rural farm, Tim got hooked on alcohol, then marijuana, then psychedelics and finally methamphetamine. He set up a lab in Adelaide to supply a biker gang with dividends for himself. One day the lab literally exploded, leaving Tim with life-threatening burns. He survived.

The story is much more complicated than that. The version produced here was shortened. You can--and should--see the full version at