Sunday, January 10, 2021


I've been complaining (and boring you) for some time about how dull things are around here, how little there is to shoot. Leaden skies, temperature hovering around freezing but no snow. Blah. So I go out cruIsing.  

This sign is a local landmark. Versions of it (neon in the past) had been around before I showed up here for college in 1967. All St. Louisans know it. It is on a hilltop and coming down Clayton Road or I 64 you can see it from far away. The Amoco brand has almost disappeared. It has a complicated history, now being pretty much merged into BP (which most Americans don't know means British Petroleum).  See                 

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Barbara Rogers said...

And to come full circle, today is the anniversary in 1901 of the Spindletop TX oil gusher which led to the oil age.