Sunday, January 31, 2021


There are some other good pictures from the aquarium but after a week I think I'll give it a rest. Last weekend's other activity was an attempt at eagle watching. During January and February bald eagles hang out around the junctions of the Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois rivers just north of STL. The waters in their territory in the far northern US and southern Canada are frozen, so they can't fish. They come our way where there is usually a mix of ice and open water. No ice this year, though. We went to some of the usual spots and saw one lousy eagle swooping away.

One of the places we went is the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge,, across the Mississippi. The link explains the reason for the name. It was the original crossing for Route 66 ( The bridge has been closed to vehicles for years but is maintained by the National Park Service for pedestrians. The engineering of the old steel work is worth a look.