Wednesday, January 13, 2021


The window of a downtown restaurant. Some jurisdictions (we are politically fragmented) have allowed them to remain open with much-reduced seating. Mrs. C and I wouldn't cross the threshold of any and it's too cold for outdoor dining, no matter how many gas heaters are around. We do take away, Thai last night.

I'm tempted by this combination, though. Schlafly is one of our excellent small breweries. Anyone up for a pilsner float?        


Stefan Jansson said...

I like pilsner me, skål.

Barbara Rogers said...

I stopped for a take out at a local restaurant/bar. There were limited tables for eating. But the bar was elbow to 6 feet distance, and of course drinkers weren't wearing masks! Argh! I took my dinner and ran. And got it home in time to eat it still hot.