Wednesday, February 12, 2020


I had to go to the drivers license office yesterday. The U. S. Department of Homeland Security now requires everyone to have an approved "Real ID" card to go through airport security and enter federal facilities. Backward Missouri will run out of its last extension to convert our drivers licenses in a few months so I decided it was time to get mine.

While waiting my turn, I saw this sign and took a sneaky phone cam shot. Following this policy would put me and most other lawyers out of business. But look it at it another way. If it's true, would this mean that we Americans would not have to pay our federal taxes?


William Kendall said...

In that case, the expectation should be that the clerks serving the public and expecting rational behaviour should go out of their way to not be complete prats.

Sharon said...

I did this last summer when it was first announced so I'm all set for flying. As far as the irrational behavior goes, if we are to take the sign seriously, there is a large swath of Republicans who might not be able to fly when this change takes effect.