Saturday, February 22, 2020


Still in the Grand Center arts district. This somewhat strange building has been around since I was an undergraduate at nearby St. Louis University (which, recall, was in the Pleistocene).  It was some kind of burger place then. It went out of business and became a take-out Chinese restaurant. I never see anyone in there.

The architecture puzzles me. Is it supposed to represent something or just bizarre and eye-catching?        


Kristy Wehrle said...

In the early 70s it was a fast food restaurant called NEBA, which believe it or not, stood for "Nicest Eating Beef Around" - (trust me, it wasn't). A friend and I had temp jobs in the area one summer and went there a couple of times for lunch, but we far preferred Sloopy's, the hole in the wall basement sub shop nearby on Lindell.

Sharon said...

I don't recall ever seeing this place. It's quite unique.

William Kendall said...

It does look quite retro.