Wednesday, January 22, 2020


A charming sculpture outside the main branch of the St. Louis Public Library. If that's what reading will do to your brain, lay on the volumes.

My time is spread so thin that I mostly listen to audiobooks in the car. Just finished Salman Rushdie's latest novel, Quichotte. Another virtuoso performance, with the real and the imaginary blended like milk and coffee. Now to decide on the next one.

The family is traveling tonight. A stopover in Miami and then, on Thursday, on to what's become our winter home from home. So maybe no post that day unless I find the baggage carousel particularly fascinating tonight.            


Sharon said...

Safe travels! I look forward to photos.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That's an amazing sculpture Bob, I must give the audio books a try, but I do love turning pages 😉 Safe travels and enjoy your winter home, such a shame Perth is so far away, it would make a good winter home also 🌹

William Kendall said...

I like that sculpture.

RedPat said...

I love the sculpture! Have a great holiday!