Saturday, January 11, 2020


This is not a medical facility as such. It's a Walgreens Pharmacy, the biggest chain in the land. (Pharmacies here are very different from what I've seen in other countries. I can go into this place and buy a toilet brush, USB hub or a bottle of whiskey. Plus my prescriptions, of course. Whiskey is not one of them.)

I, for one, am horrified by the commercialization of American medicine. All the big pharmacies have an office where you can see a nurse practitioner (which is not a problem) for minor or routine concerns, as long as you can pay. The next level up is what's called urgent care offices and they are all over the place. The dominant local group uses the slogan "ER Skills Without The ER Bills." I suppose it serves a purpose-you can see someone quickly without an appointment- but they are for-profit. You can't go in for a bad URI without getting a chest CT and albuterol inhaler before you leave. Cash or insurance up front, please.

No idea what I might post tomorrow. It's just dull here, lead sky, barely above freezing, a drizzle of freezing rain and snow falling. Nothing going on. Time to put on my thinking cap rather than my night cap.                  


s.c said...

Indeed a development that looks not good. How to fight the big money. Here is now a big disscussion if every man above 55 must be screened on prostate cancer (paid by the taxpayer) and all urogolists are against it with the statistic numbers at hand but the push of the industry is also very hard. Same principe only that the gouvernement is in between and perhaps that may make a difference.

bill burke said...

When you reach 66 you get a free medical card even if you have private insurance so it works pretty good at least for me it does.

Sharon said...

I've used Walgreens for years and have gotten flu shots in the little clinic several times.
I was surprised that they got caught up in that Theranos fraud but many reputable people did.

William Kendall said...

And this is the reason why I'm so glad my country has universal health care.