Friday, May 31, 2019


There was a fundraiser last weekend for Artica, one of my favorite arts organizations. They are weird, sincere and charming. I have been dubbed the visual documentarian. That seems to mean they like my pictures and that I actually show up.

The event was from 4 PM to midnight. I could only stay until 5:20 because of another obligation. Still, I got some of the 5 o'clock puppet show. I can't remember the puppeteer's name - Articans, please help me! - who put on the performance with the help of his son. Which has the bigger role?  

There is a big rally at mid-day today for our St. Louis Blues. Hope to go shoot some of it.          


Bibi said...

Puppet shows are such fun and kids are always so enchanted/enchanting.

The Padre said...

Fantastic!! Very Creative Title There. Well Done


William Kendall said...

A fun shot!