Saturday, May 4, 2019


Big Muddy is on a big rise. This was the scene in Laclede's Landing yesterday afternoon. It's been raining a lot in the region and some towns upstream are in serious danger. A distance beyond the water line here is a street with sidewalks on both sides and a cobblestone levee that is usually uncovered for some way down. The forecast is for more rise until Monday.
I have worked a short distance from the Mississippi for more than 40 years. I believe that it breathes, but oh so slowly - in and out, up and down. Right now it's doing a big inhale, swelling its chest. The circle continues. 


Sharon said...

I heard a news story about the flooding in your area so I wondered what it was looking like in St. Louis.

William Kendall said...

Flooding is an issue up here at the moment too.

Stefan Jansson said...

Been a lot of flooding all over the place lately.