Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Very late post today. Once again, a day when more people wanted a piece of me than there is me to go around. Plus my back is some worse. Pain management specialist next month. 

Some day I'm going to read up on the psychology and sociology of parades. We sure have a lot of them around here. One of my favorites is the Annie Malone parade. The foundation she started in 1888 provides wonderful services for children and families in our African-American community

The parade celebrates their mission and work. It's always colorful and, like most of our parades, has its share of ironies. The top picture shows a big pickup promoting what we call a title loan company. If you have a title to a car - the legal ownership document - without debt on it, you can hand it over for a cash advance, repayable at horrifying interest rates. If you don't make the payments, they get your car. Controversial, to say the least. In the second picture, a woman hanging out the window of a Cadillac limousine publicizing a mortuary.

Draw your own conclusions.



Bibi said...

I'm back blogging. Just checking in with you. Sorry your back hurts. I 'enjoyed' the photo of the 'serenity' woman....

William Kendall said...

I think the mortuary participating has a subversive sense of humour. There are predatory loan companies like that here.