Sunday, May 19, 2019


St. Louis has good manners, or some people want you to think so. I doubt that we are better or worse than other cities. Except maybe Japanese cities. The people there are amazingly polite.

The billboard on eastbound I 44 gets everyone's attention. There are a couple of others. One of them, also yellow on black, says "I 'Heart' STL".  The third, white on red, simply says "LOVE."  They were quite a mystery until it was revealed that the billboard company itself did it just as a pleasant gesture. Sure beats "this space available."

Not far away sits the Courtesy Diner. Imagine going in for coffee and a piece of pie, have the server bow, gesture toward a convenient seat and ask how s/he may serve you. No, I don't think so either.


The acutely observant Mrs. C, who proofreads my posts, pointed out that I had overlooked an obvious addition to this sequence. It's Polite Society restaurant in Lafayette Square, one of our favorites.



Sandi said...

That is great idea!

William Kendall said...

It is more pleasant than the alternative.