Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Streets Of The Marais

We are staying in the Parisian neighborhood known as the Marais, to the east of the Pompidou Center. I haven't looked this up to be sure, but my memory is that was once the Jewish quarter, and once just sort of run down. Now it has a vibe similar to Soho in New York, albeit with much smaller and irregular streets.

We walked to the Picasso Museum today. It's a beautiful old building (the bottom two pictures are the courtyard) but I couldn't appreciate it. My only, constant thought was I need to sleep now. Whatever I have is not a simple bacterial infection but I won't know for sure until I get home and see my doctor. It's a really good 24 hours if I sleep less than 12 of them.

We can easily conclude that Paris has better quality wall art than St. Louis.          


Kate said...

The Marais is a great part of the city with a strong Jewish history. There is an historic deli there, and you should visit it! Sorry you are not up to snuff ... hell of a vacation, Bob!

Sharon said...

That is the exact same area I stayed in for one night two years ago when I made that short visit to Paris from London to see two good friends. If you walk past a hotel called Jules and Jim, that's where I stayed. It was a great hotel. I remember walking to the Pompidou Center the next morning.

William Kendall said...

The Sphinx is my favourite one.

You need a vacation from your vacation.

RedPat said...

I've stayed in the Marais and loved wandering around its streets. I hope you recover shortly!

Nathalie said...

Great choice of photos Bob. I love the street art - unfortunately not much can be seen in Avignon any more since the art school moved out of town, what a pity!

The marais is now not only reknown for its Jewish history (meaning that many shops are open on Sundays, which isn't the case in other parts of the city) but also for being one of the most gay-friendly quarters of Paris. Many Parisians enjoy a stroll around the area on Sundays.