Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Bothered

I confess that I didn't exactly get this one. Spooky things in the attic or something. As always, the problem may have been that I pay more attention to my viewfinder than the play itself.  According to the program:

Why do we hide away the things we fear? We answer it with, “because we fear it.” But it is much more than that. A simple answer is not what we are looking for. Utilizing the five senses we delve into a world much like our own, but then again, different in every way, forced to confront these lingering anxieties and the enigmatic occurrences that come to follow. There are ideas lurking that we try to force away, but we do not have that choice anymore. They are here and the only question left is what will remain, and who?        

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William Kendall said...

Good portraits, Bob- the first one particularly.