Friday, September 7, 2018

Racecars and Romance, Part 1

I am so far behind in my editing. Two heavy weeks at work. Now the pressure is off for a while. However, Mrs. C and I will be leaving Tuesday for two weeks away and that will be a substantial distraction.

Finally to the other Fringe feature presentation, Racecars and Romance. The Fringe program says:

Race Cars and Romance is a fast-paced, hilarious, rom-com that tells the story of a young woman mechanic fighting to earn professional respect in the male-dominated world of stock car racing. She is torn between her desires to find love in a traditional relationship and the reality of her agitated, greasy, masculine working conditions. Her fortunes turn for the better after an unexpected meeting with an old foe and down-and-out race car driver leads to a winning relationship on the track but troubled romance off the track. Meanwhile, traditional relationships are redefined when her best friend, the playful Louraine finds her first “respectful” relationship, former shop owner Paw Paw offers dear Grandma Myrtle appreciation that’s long overdue, and other colorful customers find their connections while keeping the oil change business in non-stop laughter.
It was a fun bit of fluff. I took way too many pictures. There will be more of these on Facebook in a few minutes and another set tomorrow, time permitting.         

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William Kendall said...

From these shots, it looks like this show was a blast to watch.