Saturday, September 8, 2018

Racecars and Romance, Part 2

Another set from Racecars and Romance. As the story progresses, the has-been race car driver wants to get back to the top, and is also interested in Roni, the female master mechanic who has somehow ended up working in lipstick and eyeliner at an oil change shop. She thinks he is going to ask her to marry her but, instead, asks her to be his crew chief for the big race at Talladega Speedway. Improbably, he wins, but pays more attention to his own glory than to Roni, who helped get him there.

I have a bunch more photos from the show to edit so there may be one more set of these. Fifteen pictures from this set will go up on Facebook shortly.   


William Kendall said...

The fourth shot is my favourite of these, Bob.

Sharon said...

You are so good at capturing perfect expressions!

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