Friday, August 24, 2018

The Devil's Passion

This was one of my favorite shows so far. It is the story of the last days of Christ as told by The Devil. It's brilliantly written and acted. As described in the program:

“…eloquent, compelling…”, “…at times darkly funny…” this unique retelling of “the greatest story ever told” challenges the comfortable complacency and insidiousness through which individuals and institutions have used that story to perpetrate some of the worst behaviors visited person upon person. A timely, whirlwind of a ride through the last days of Jesus Christ as seen through the eyes of the man who put it all together – Satan himself. The “greatest story” has been politically usurped and perhaps it is only the Devil himself who can make us see the truth.
I was a bit disappointed by the ending, though. Although very high-concept and articulate, it is conventional. Jesus wins, Satan loses. It might have been more interesting if there was some ambiguity or irony.


William Kendall said...

His facial expressions really stand out in these shots.

Intangible Hearts said...

Interesting perspective.

Sharon said...

Great photos! Do you suppose that's what's going on in today's political world. We've been sent the devil to show us what is true?