Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Empathy On Sale

Krish Mohan is a stand up comedian, but not the usual type. Nothing raunchy. He demands attention and perceptiveness from the audience, which, IMHO, he got from from some parts and not from others. 

His family is from India, which gives him the ability to see American race issues acutely but not from the center of the conflict. So, um, Krish is not a nickname for Christopher and his last name is not Irish, even though it sounds like it. The act is certainly political and definitely from a gauche point of view, something our family is quite comfortable with.

Not sure what the title is about, unless it refers to the price of a ticket. 

Shooting one-person shows can be tough for a photographer. Not a lot of visual variety. It's like a long portrait session with an uncooperative subject.    


William Kendall said...

It does give you a chance to see what turns out be quite an expressive face.

Sharon said...

I love that first shot. His expression is great.