Friday, August 19, 2016

Wet Oysters

What to shoot when you have absolutely no idea what to shoot - the rain-spattered covered patio of the Broadway Oyster Bar, home of very loud rock bands, a variety of mollusks and bivalves, and all the Budweiser you can swallow. Taken from the parking lot of the White Castle across the street.

The St. Louis Fringe Festival starts this evening. Your humble photographer will be in attendance, recording it all; or, perhaps better put, all I can stay awake for. Hey, they gave me a press pass! We'll be out late tonight so first pix maybe Saturday morning U.S. Central Time.

Oh, but Saturday is also Madeleine's third birthday. Gotta squeeze that in, too.        


Halcyon said...

Good luck on your new assignment! :)

bill burke said...

A multitask weekend :) Have fun and good luck.

Norma said...

Have fun with it!

Madeleine is (almost) three already?

Sharon said...

What a fun photo!

William Kendall said...

The place looks a bit bleak in the rain. Have a fun weekend, as busy as it's going to be!