Monday, August 8, 2016

Legal Tender

Never seen this before. It's in the front window of a restaurant and shop on Cherokee Street. A local colleague tells me it is literally true and the food is very good.

It seems like this would make the bookkeeping awfully difficult. There was a criminal case reported in this country recently about the ephemeral currency, money laundering charges or something like that. The defendant got off because the court ruled that bitcoin is not real money. We are more interested in how the euro is doing, since we'll be out spending some next month. Die Rechnung wird billiger für uns sein.           


Sharon said...

I'm going to be spending some of those Euros plus a few pounds myself next month!

William Kendall said...

An interesting turn of legal precedent. It seems bitcoin as a term isn't used as much as its originators would have liked.

Jack said...

I don't understand bitcoins, and I think I can live a happy life without ever understanding them.

Looks like you have some travel in your future. I leave for a Scandinavia cruise around the Baltic next Wednesday. I will keep an eye out for you.