Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve At The Office

Christmas Eve In The Office 2
I promise I won't work all day today. There are no photos on my hard drive appropriate to the occasion so how about some cheer from my usual hangout?

Dinner tonight at Emily, Brian and Madeleine's home.  It's a wonderful thing to have a professional chef in the family. Brian's parents and brother are visiting from Houston and it's nice to have them here to join us. 

A break from tradition for us tomorrow with Christmas brunch at the rooftop restaurant of the Chase-Park Plaza, overseen by Chef Brian. Early flight to LaGuardia on Saturday, weekend with my family in NJ. And all of Monday to spend on the magical island where I was born. (Okay, I confess. I'm still a snob about it.) There will be photo ops galore.             
Christmas Eve In The Office 1


villa said...

Mis mejores deseos para estas Navidades, para ti, tu familia y amigos.

Un saludo desde Salamanca.

Sharon said...

Have a fantastic Holiday. Sounds like you've got some great plans.

Unknown said...

Happy Holidays, Bob!

William Kendall said...

I do like the decor! Merry Christmas, Bob!

Norma said...

Merry Christmas, Bob--hope you and the Mrs. have a wonderful Christmas and a safe trip to New York/New Jersey!

cieldequimper said...

Very nice at your office! Joyeux Noël monsieur et madame C.