Thursday, December 31, 2015

An Expensive Lunch

At The Whitney 2015-12-28 4

The Whitney Museum has an upscale restaurant with the bit-too-clever name of Untitled. Mrs. C and I had lunch there on Monday. The food was original and flavorful but the prices, for what you got, were outrageous. (Click the link to see the menu if interested.) The portions were quite small by American standards, which was okay since most of our restaurants serve portions more suitable to cattle than humans. The "braised lamb, hakurei turnips, cabbage", a delicate, delicious little nest of veggies might - maybe - have contained an ounce/28 grams of lamb, for which I was charged $27. Welcome to New York. Well, it was the only meal we had to buy on the trip.

The bottom picture shows the restaurant's large windows and the line outside waiting for tickets. I was standing to the right of the revolving door when I took the pix in yesterday's post.                

At The Whitney 2015-12-28 9


s.c said...

Strange enough the food in museum restaurants is always good and at last here in Europe not expensieve. When we are in an unknown city we always visit a museum at lunch hour to also have lunch . Some really good surprises at the archeological museum in Dublin and Copenhagen.

William Kendall said...

I find it can depend on the museum- the ones here are reasonably priced, but the first of the restaurants that come to mind isn't what you'd think of as upscale.

Sharon said...

I have not been to this museum and I can see that I need to make a point of going. Last time I was there I had lunch at the Metropolitan Museum and I noticed a similar price and size ratio. However, I enjoyed it anyway. I'm always up for a little splurge.