Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Follow Up

A follow up to yesterday's post, seen at a street festival a few weeks ago. There is a meme in this country (and perhaps elsewhere) about women who get enormous pleasure from shopping, and therefore from consumption. It must briefly fill some hole in their spirits, a place so insecure that it must be filled by stuff. Of course, none of it provides lasting satisfaction. And, as John Lennon said, fun is the one thing that money can't buy.

You might enjoy this little video, The Story Of Stuff.


Halcyon said...

I am not one of those women. I only like to shop when I need something.

William Kendall said...

I do like the sense of humour some of these shop chalkboards have, though. There's a bike shop up here that puts one out with quotes.

s.c said...

Just need some directions to where the attentions go.

Stefan Jansson said...

I think we all enjoy shopping every now ant then, new camera anyone?