Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Brunch At The Chase

Christmas Brunch At The Chase 1

As mentioned, the Crowe and Horrocks families had a sumptuous Christmas brunch at the Chase Park Plaza, Chef Brian presiding. 

Above, an ice sculpture Christmas tree in front of a real one.

Below, Madeleine with a "Santa got me what?" look (wearing grandma's glasses, which she thinks is funny) followed by Ms. M and her parents. The bottom pic needs explanation. Our flight is so early tomorrow morning we're spending tonight at an airport hotel, leaving Emily and Brian's home before they serve dinner. So my wife and I could get something to eat, I bought what is probably the loneliest product in the supermarket. However, we're still so stuffed from brunch we'll likely put it in the freezer. 
Christmas Brunch At The Chase 2

Christmas Brunch At The Chase 3

The Lonliest Product In The Supermarket


William Kendall said...

Holiday dinner for one? Perfect!

Madeleine looks cute with glasses!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

The texture of the ice sculpture is well caught.

Jack said...

Your capture of the ice tree sculpture is excellent. Merry Christmas!

s.c said...

I love those portraits and the holiday dinner for one has just that special touch that makes it really distressing to see. Great ones again.

TheChieftess said...

Love the ice Christmas tree!!! and is that your little granddaughter??? Boy has she grown!!!