Thursday, January 1, 2015

Photo(s) Of The Year

Paris 2014-09-04 2

On New Year's Day, City Daily photobloggers post their best work from the year just ended. The photo above is my favorite of 2014. It was taken in Paris from the clock tower of the Orsay Museum, looking back across the Seine to The Louvre.

But I'm greedy and I have to allow myself some runners-up. Your opinion may differ but here is what I think is my best stuff in various categories.

Best portrait: music student in Liberia, Costa Rica.                           

Liberia Music Students 2

Best landscape: railroad crossing near Marysville, Kansas.

Marysville 2014-11-29 1

Best picture of a performance: member of Alarm Will Sound in the new Media Commons.

10,000 Birds 1

Best architecture shot: STL's new bridge over the Mississippi.

New Bridge Opening 2014-02-08 17

Best black and white for its own sake: Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

Desert Botanical Garden 2

Best humor shot: tourists in the Louvre.

Louvre Madness 2

Best travel shot other than the top one: Mirror of Nice.

The Mirror of Nice 3

Best wedding photo: my son and his new bride in the CTA.

Andy and Claire's Wedding Saturday 23

Best attempt at self-immolation: St. Louis Renaissance Faire.

Renaissance Faire 2014-05-25 2

Best picture of Madeleine: introduction to guacamole.

Madeleine 2014-11-15 4

Okay, I admitted I was greedy. Happy New Year to all you shooters. See all the other CDP photos of the year by clicking here.


s.c said...

All are great indeed. We can expect a lot of beautiful photo's if this is a prospect for the coming year. Well done and keep them coming.

Stefan Jansson said...

Going out in style. Some really good photos here. I like pretty much all of them. Happy New Year.

Luis Gomez said...

These are beautiful Bob. Like many of them. The bridge one is exquisite. Thank you. Have a happy one!

Sharon said...

You really do have a good eye for composition. These are all such great photos. Happy New Year!

Memphis MOJO said...

All great shots -- Happy New Year.

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Interesting and colorful selection, the one from the Louvre reflects perfectly this photo fever around the world. Happy new year from Spain!

Birdman said...

LOVE your #1 and enjoyed the look back at your work, BC.
Happy 2015!

Pat said...

Ok to be greedy. "Greed is good"...did someone already say that? All of these are worth seeing again. Happy New Year.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

So glad you chose more than one Bob, it would have been impossible :) I remember enjoying all of these shots and would agree with your choices except for the architectural image. It IS amazing indeec, but when I think of some of your Arch shots.. Madeleine is deffo the cutest :)

Jack said...

Many great choices in here, Bob. The mirror shot in Nice is stunning. Odd that just one was from St. Louis. Maybe you are more relaxed when away from home and not working?

Have a great 2015.

EG CameraGirl said...

All super shots, Bob! All the best in 2015!

cieldequimper said...

I like it when you're greedy because we get to see so many gorgeous photos in one go!

Happy New Year, bonne année Bob, Carolyn and family!

Unknown said...

The little girl , is she an American Native cutie ? is just gorgeous.

Norma said...

The last one is definitely the best. Madeleine is a natural in front of the camera!

William Kendall said...

Oh, those are marvelous shots!

Jim said...

Excellent shots

Peter van den Besselaar said...

Beautiful pictures, you have certainly have a very good taste, indeed. Happy New Year!

Virginia said...

Oh my, my cup runneth over. I can see why you had to add the runners up as there were way too many to choose just one. I"ll admit the Orsay shot won my heart but every single image you posted were excellent examples of your talent B.

WOW, I continue to learn from you.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you reposted these, Bob. It's such variety and all shots are brilliant.

Olivier said...

superbe best off année 2014, avec ma préférée : Madeleine

Avec un leger retard, mes meilleurs voeux pour 2015 pour toute la bob'familly