Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sponge Bob No Pants

MetroLink No Pants Ride 2015-01-10 1

Okay, that was just a hook. This is a bit of mid-winter madness done on transit systems in cities around the world. This is the third or fourth year in The Lou. People do have gym shorts or swim bottoms or whatever - there are certain city ordinances. They hop on the MetroLink train with, um, insufficient insulation for the time on year on their lower halves, much to the amazement or amusement of the other passengers. Some of them pretend that it's just an ordinary day, nothing special.

It ended up at a fancy pizzeria downtown, conveniently located a block from my office. More to come.                            

MetroLink No Pants Ride 2015-01-10 2


Stefan Jansson said...

It's a funny and silly thing to do.

Sharon said...

I missed it here in Phoenix but saw a couple of photos from others. Of course, it's a bit warmer here for such craziness.

William Kendall said...

Peculiar to say the least!

Over the Christmas holidays here and there I saw people inexplicably walking into malls wearing shorts and t-shirts. I like the cold, but that's asking for trouble.

Olivier said...

voila une belle tradition, mais ils doivent ne pas avoir trop chaud

Jack said...

Kind of cute. I kind of wish I were a college student again.