Thursday, February 20, 2014


Explore St. Louis

There are lots more cake pictures around and we'll get back to that. But it's pouring so I thought I'd post this, shot a few days ago. Gloomy. Look closely at the sign. Do the authorities really want people to explore St. Louis today?

PS: there is an occasion today that calls for a theme song.

PPS: okay, I openly admit that I, um, appropriated the following from a Facebook post by Virginia. However, whether single, married or in a relationship, photographers may find it fall out of your chair funny. I did. And non-photographers probably won't get it at all. 



cieldequimper said...

Would that be a birthday? Yes? Bon anniversaire !!!

I love that gloomy shot and well when you're a tourist, you explore whatever the weather, don't you?

And lol.

Olivier said...

Moi j'aurais dit "NIKON OR CANON ?"


s.c said...

Its funny but I love the first one . Despite the grey so clear and full of atmosphere. Thanks for showing.

Luis Gomez said...

Bob, wonderful rainy shot.

Bibi said...

Rain is what I'd rather see than that white stuff.

This is Belgium said...

funny, saw it at Virginia's indeed..

PerthDailyPhoto said...

You can't let a bit of rain stop what you're doing Bob :)Happy birthday to you, hope it was a good one! I saw this earlier today, so funny and yes I totally get it!
p.s. 2000kgs = a heck of a lot cheeseburgers :)

William Kendall said...

That is a rainy day, Bob!

I saw that one at Virginia's page, and it's hilarious!

Happy Birthday!

Jack said...

Happy Birthday, youngster.

Birdman said...

You share your day with my sister Joanne.
Happy BD, BC.
hahaha Funny speed dating strip.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Sorry I'm getting in late but I wish you had a wonderful birthday.

That Speed dating line made me giggle. Olivier added another equally valid version of it. So typical :)

Stefan Jansson said...

I laughed.