Sunday, May 5, 2013

People's Joy Parade

People's Joy Parade 2013 1

Saturday brought us the annual People's Joy Parade, which segues into the Cinco de Mayo festival on funky Cherokee Street on the South Side. Its purpose is just because, why not, hey kids let's put on a show! There is a Mexican element - the neighborhood is the center of our small Hispanic community - but the marchers just do any wacky thing that comes to mind.

The bottom photo features Sarah Patterson, a local artist who founded the event. The sign on the truck to the right says "Mermaids By The Mississippi." Okay, then.

More of this for days.         

People's Joy Parade 2013 2

People's Joy Parade 2013 3


Birdman said...

It's spring. It's celebration season. For ANYTHING!

William Kendall said...

Any excuse for a parade...