Monday, May 20, 2013

Annie Malone Parade

Annie Malone Parade 2013-05-19 1

At the Annie Malone Parade yesterday, a favorite annual photo op. The Annie Malone Children and Family Service Center has done a great deal of good for St. Louis' African-American community for 125 years. The parade gives its friends and supporters an opportunity to strut their stuff. However, the graphics display on its home page uses two of my photos from last year, without my permission as best I can tell. Note to webmaster: busted. Don't do it again, or else.

You meet the nicest people at events like this. It's common that people see me walk by, sagging under two DSLRs and a bag-o-lenses, and ask me to take their picture. That's what happened with the charming family in the first picture. I would not want to arm wrestle with the guy on the left, though.

The second shot are members of the marching band from our Visual And Performing Arts School. More to follow.        

Annie Malone Parade 2013-05-19 2


cieldequimper said...

Nice happy post!

William Kendall said...

Excellent portrait shots!

Jack said...

I like the top photo. Not overly posed and with great roses.

Stefan Jansson said...

Never any fun when people use your photos without permission. But always fun to see your people photos Bob.