Friday, July 6, 2012

A Day In New York

2012-07-05 NYC 1

Oh my, it's late. I need to go home and back to work to get some rest. Anyway, Mrs. C and I went into the city yesterday and spent hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The top shot is the entrance to a small special exhibit about early nude photography. Below is sort of a Bob and Carolyn portrait around a crazy sculpture on the rooftop garden. The last museum shot is just something that got my eye in a sculpture gallery.

Seventeen members of the family met for dinner at a Greek place on 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen called Uncle Nick's. Gordon Ramsay was nowhere in sight, thank heavens. In the first shot, brother-in-law Mel discusses wine with the manager. Below that, the kitchen crew gives (and deserves) a thumbs up, while brother-in-law Rob, sister Sue and sister Mary Beth wait for the next round of ouzo. Opa! Sister-in-law Pam and nephew Steve rount out the series.

There were lots more pix but it's time to go to bed.

2012-07-05 NYC 2

2012-07-05 NYC 3

2012-07-05 NYC 4

2012-07-05 NYC 5

2012-07-05 NYC 6

2012-07-05 NYC 7


cieldequimper said...

I am slightly jealous of you...

Birdman said...

By the faces, it looks like a fine time. Lots of vino?

William Kendall said...

I'm envious! Great shots!

Jack said...

It is a fun collection of images, Bob. The one of Carolyn and you is especially clever.

brattcat said...

particularly love the thumbs up shot.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Happy times Bob, love the portrait shot of yourself and Carolyn, tres creative oui!