Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday Arch Series

Arch 2011-12-11 1

Winter sunset; a quiet feeling. Few tourists around the riverfront at this time of year. The river is low. Everything seems to be conserving its strength for spring.

Sorry for few comments yesterday. I had one of those routine medical procedures that afflict the aging. After my wife brought me home I fell sound asleep. When I was vertical again I had to prepare hearings for today. But no sign of colon cancer, if you know what I mean.

FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME DEPARTMENT: I had no clue about this, No one notified me. Apparently early in the fall the website of the local CBS radio affiliate named St. Louis Daily Photo as winner of one of their St. Louis' Most Valuable Blogger Awards for 2011. It was spotted by my alert wife when doing a search for something-or-other. Um, they could have at least sent me an email or whatever.


Olivier said...

J'espere que tu vas mieux, et que cela n'est pas trop grave.
Une belle photo de l'arche perdue dans la foret ;) cela me fait penser a une photo d'automne.
Et felicitation pour ton prix, peut etre vont ils te joindre dans la semaine

cieldequimper said...

Excellent news (about the bowels that is).

No less excellent news about the strange blog awards.

And finally, a nice, very different photo of the Arch. Very green and blue and sunny. We seem to have forgotten what blue and sunny are. said...

Congratulations on your blog award from KMOX, and congratulations for being cancer-free. Both are important, especially the latter.

My wife has been encouraging (to put it mildly) me to get the checkup that it sounds like you just had. I have not done it yet, but I am getting closer to doing it.

s.c said...

I know what you mean. Have to go every 3 months. Still another beautiful arc shot. Must give a little credit to Eero Saarinen also to make such a fine building.Have a nice holiday and a good new year.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Lovely light on the underside of the arche Bob...and speaking about underside phew!!! that must have been a relief...!! Congrats on the award, you totally deserve it!

Choppography said...

It's well-deserved, Bob. Your blog is outstanding!

Sally said...

Congratulations, Bob - on both fronts. I continually enjoy your photos. A co-worker gave me a 2012 National Monument calendar because it featured the Arch on the cover (and Dec 2012). I mentioned your blog and fabulous photos.. who knows - maybe I can grow your fame on the "left coast". Happy holidays to all!

Jack said...

Congrats on everything, Bob. Loved reading your buddies' comments today.

Virginia said...

ONE of their STL MVB awards? Excuse me but I think you are THE ONE!

Now this shot today, makes me smile B. That light, lord have mercy that's gorgeous.


William Kendall said...

Gorgeous shot!