Sunday, December 4, 2011


Forest Park 2011-12-03 2

The city parks department tried something different on Friday, a small controlled burn in Forest Park. The idea was to get rid of invasive species and enrich the soil (authorities said the wildflowers were particularly beautiful in the spring after a burn). Well, it was kind of a fizzle. (Ow, I know.) The ground was too wet and the air too humid. Guess they don't have a lot of experience with this around here.

There was a little bit of char when I went for a look yesterday. I particularly liked the tops of the cattails, some burned, some not.

Forest Park 2011-12-03 3


brattcat said...

so interesting. do you think they'll try again? said...

I would never have imagined a heavily landscaped and developed urban park like Forest Park as the site of a controlled burn.

Bibi said...

I can smell the wet burn... and some of those cattails look like burned hot dogs.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I'm not sure if it made the headlines out your way Bob, but last week there was a 'controlled' burn organised by CALM down South of Perth near Margaret River, so many people lost their homes because it went horribly wrong, high winds and soaring temperatures, disaster! Heads will roll for that!!

Virginia said...

Well i have no expertise in "burn baby burn" category so I'll forge ahead with my critique of that bottom photo. FAB. Love the char and not so charred. Great texture and contrast.