Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Service Since 1948

Servco 1

After shooting more pictures of the building that burned, seen last Friday and Sunday, I wandered around the area looking for other images. Got a few good ones that will appear in coming days. It's an old industrial area south of the Arch, wedged between I 55 and the Mississippi River.

My eye was drawn to these buildings with a big metal shed on top of one. I had to look up Servco. They manufacture custom commercial kitchen equipment. Their office and main factory are located miles back into the city. No idea what this facility may be. It's odd that the sign faces the river, not the highway and local streets.

I like the picture for its semi-abstract geometry and blocks of color. Tomorrow's post will have a more dramatic B&W of the same building.


cieldequimper said...

If the sign faces the river, then it's for river traffic?

Olivier said...

surprenant ce hangar (boutique ?) sur le toit, tout en bois c'est tres beau.
Le son dans la cathedrale est superbe surtout sur des chants comme le gospel

s.c said...

A nice facade view with one big question . How does the facade end against the roof. That gives quite a tension in this composition but well done. I like it but still hope to see the solution one time.

Halcyon said...

I like the mix of colors. The red and blue and white all look really nice together!

Greg said...

As the third generation of ownership of the company I wanted to honor the original sign which my grandfather had painted on the buildings in the early 80's. The Front(river) and rear both have the old SERVCO logo and the side that faces the PSB has our new logo. GREAT PHOTOS.