Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bye, Kansas

Marysville City Park 1

A last shot from the Thanksgiving weekend trip to Kansas. This is an old one-room schoolhouse, or possibly a reproduction, in the town park. It was typical several decades ago; my mother-in-law taught school in such a building. You can see a number of them abandoned along the back roads. Fortunately, the one my wife went to has been preserved as a museum.

Back out on the streets of St. Louis today. Tonight is the opening and awards ceremony of SEEN 2011, the big year-end photography show. I won first prize last year but I don't expect to place this year. Crazy judges didn't accept my best stuff. Maybe I'll bring back some pix of the event.

3 comments: said...

We have a diary of Julie's late grandmother that describes her experiences attending a one room school house in the rural ranch lands of northeastern Arizona.

One of the incidents she described is that at school dances, the boys would slip outside, toss a handful of pebbles out into the bushes, and listen for the clink to find where they had hidden a bottle in the dark.

Virginia said...

Crazy judges indeed. What are they thinking? I have high hopes regardless B. Can't wait to hear.

This rouge schoolhouse is like something from a Rockwell painting and it's open all summer!

Halcyon said...

I love the color of it - a nice shade of red. Must have been interesting to go to school back in those days. I'm not sure we're much smarter now though. ;)