Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Occupy Somwehere Else


Since they were chased away by the police, the Occupy St. Louis folks come around Kiener Plaza once in a while but not much. The local natural gas utility's offices are in my building and there was a kerfuffle last Saturday when the management thought that Occupy was going to put on a big demonstration at the door. A memo went out to the tenants late Friday that the building would be on lock-down (what a word!) the following day. The morning shift guard said they were expected any time (of course I go to work on Saturday and of course they let me in). The second shift guard said a cop told him the mob would arrive early evening. Nobody showed up.

Maybe the Occupy forces were not informed. My theory is that it was a prank - someone called the gas company or police and left an anonymous bogus tip. The Occupiers have left a couple of mementos in the Plaza but no one knows what comes next.

System Failure (We Will Be Back)


Olivier said...

le coup de la fausse bombe (fuite de gaz) pas tres amusant, par contre cela te donne une photo originale avec l'arche

Nathalie said...

I thought your 'we will be back' was a clever way to announce a Christmas break in your blog - no such thing.

What a great angle you found, the arch and the 'we will be back sign'. Your Thursday arch today doesn't disappoint (did one ever?).

I'm off to Paris tomorrow to celebrate Xmas at my mother's, won't have any access to the internet. Please excuse me for not commenting or visiting over the next few days.

Have a lovely Christmas with your family!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Is there no end to the fabulous takes you can find on the arch Bob, fantastic. When I read the 'we will be back' sign, not sure why but I did it in an Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of accent haha!

s.c said...

I really like the way how the arc is incorporated in your photo's here. It is greatly done . Like it very much.

brattcat said...

these are excellent shots, bob. the occupy tents on the common in brattleboro were removed this week. it seems no one was staying inside them... said...

It is good that the Occupy protests did not prevent you from working. Your work helps real people, and if the Occupy people knew and understood what you did, they would want to let you in to your office.