Friday, January 7, 2011

I Wouldn't Do This For Love Or Money

2011-01-01 Waterskiing in the Mississippi 4

Okay, so the water temperature was about 34 F / 1 C. The skiers were, for the most part, wearing wet suits (although often with bare feet and hands). But good grief, they're out in the Mississippi River. It's not as filthy as it once was but still it's full of icky creepy disgusting organisms of every sort, not to mention untold tons of pesticides and fertilizers from agricultural runoff. Forget the wet suit. If I knew how to water ski (which I do not), I'd insist on a hazmat suit.

This character in a polar bear outfit with red scarf and cap, below, is apparently the safety patrol. If I were thrashing around in a nearly-frozen river trying desperately to cling to life and and this appeared looming over me, I'd begin wondering what circle of hell I'd been consigned to.

Today's post on Downtown St. Louis 365 is all about macho cops.

2011-01-01 Waterskiing in the Mississippi 5 BW


Olivier said...

tres beau contre jour sur la premiere

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lewi14 said...

An ice bear who pilots a boat. That's St. Louis! LOL.....