Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cold, Wet And Possibly Crazy

2011-01-01 Waterskiing in the Mississippi 1

A St. Louis New Year's Day tradition: a large group of people gather at the edge of the Mississippi and go water skiing. On the most recent January 1, both the air and water temperatures were just above freezing. These people are wearing wet suits covering most (but not all) of themselves. and they are doing it for a wonderful cause. The event raises funds for the Missouri Disabled Water Ski Association. They teach handicapped people, even paraplegics, how to do it and get them out on the water. That's a bunch of good people.

It all started with Santa. Sure hope he had a protective layer under his red suit. But what's with that duffel bag? It was full of cans of Monster energy drink, which he gave to spectators on the levee after his ride. Umm, corporate sponsorship. I declined it. My hands were full of photo equipment and there are enough monsters around, anyway.

Today on Downtown St. Louis 365: mo cheddah.

2011-01-01 Waterskiing in the Mississippi 2

2011-01-01 Waterskiing in the Mississippi 3


Olivier said...

mais ou met il sa grande hotte ;o))
Aurevoir pere noel

Lynette said...

Super idea. It seems you can always find folks willing to enjoy themselves for a good cause. Thanks for the photos!

Please stop by on Thursday, after midnight on Wednesday even, at Portland Oregon Daily Photo to see my first ever embedded video. It shows my younger son Leland bouldering at The Circuit in Portland, Oregon, as filmed by his older brother Lamont, who also boulders.

Julie said...

Crazy probably, but in a good way I hasten to add!

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha ha. That looks like a fun, crazy and cold tradition, Go Santa!

Mo said...

Go santa!

Nathalie said...

Oh la la, no matter where we look advertising is never far away, eh?

Nathalie said...

Santa raising awareness for a wonderful cause - the defense of consumerism. You're right Mo: Go Santa!

Anonymous said...

Santa is not the reason for the season. But a worthy cause anyway.