Saturday, January 22, 2011

Temporarily Tamarindo: More Adventure!

Water Slide 2

We took a long day trip yesterday with a guide to Rincon de la Vieja National Park on the slopes of a volcano. The name means "the old lady's corner." Never did have that explained to me.

Activities include horseback riding, walking suspension bridges in the canopy, riding a zip line, covering yourself with volcanic mud, bathing in natural hot springs, riding a huge water slide and taking photographs. The only other couple on our trip was Kelly and Ralph from Chicago. Above, Kelly hits the final chute of the slide. Below, the intrepid Mrs. C zooms through the last section of the zip line.

We are heading for the airport this morning and will be home by late tonight. Frigid temperatures and snow await us. I don't have any new St. Louis material so I may post some memories of Costa Rica for a bit.

We inspect a state of disrepair today on Downtown St. Louis 365.

Zip Line 1


Oakland Daily Photo said...

You guys really know how to have fun. I'm always impressed with how you get out and about. said...

You have indeed had a active week. I am enjoying your series and am glad you seemed to be enjoying your time at our condo down there.

I heard a report on the radio that taking a vacation benefits the psyche for about 2 months upon your return. I think photos make the benefits last longer.

brattcat said...

Did you really do everything on that list?

patty said...

you're going to hate coming back at least 8 inches of snow, low temps, more snow predicted tonight. so bring some of the sun and heat home with you

Julie said...

costa rica is always full of adventure for those who want it. good for you guys for doing so many activities on your trip. you really packed in a lot. I like to just hang at the patio overlooking the beach and enjoy the sunset. i have gotten lazy on my recent trips to Costa Rica. I will have to get back out and try some of these fun activities

Nathalie said...

Yeeha, that looks like a fun ride!
Sorry to hear that you're home alreadly, that was a short trip.
I hope getting back to the cold reality isn't too harsh.

Anonymous said...

Genesis 28:17 He was afraid and said, "How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven."