Saturday, January 29, 2011



An image from the Riverfront Times St. Louis Web Awards: the sound mixing console for the audio engineer when there is a live band. I've seen these before but I couldn't begin to remember what all those knobs and buttons are for.

Speaking of which, I once had the chance to visit the New York recording studio of Sean Combs or Puff Daddy or P. Diddy or whatever his name is. A good friend of my son had become the absolute bottom flunky sound engineer. He had the key to the non-descript West Side commercial building and took us up one Sunday afternoon. No one around. The control rooms looked like the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise. Oh, and there was a one-for-all WC whose walls were covered with pictures of the man himself.

We discuss the pleasures of fine dining today on Downtown St. Louis 365.


brattcat said...

Now was that your brush with fifteen minutes of fame or Puff Daddy's?

Virginia said...

I've been trying to photograph the mother board in Michael's recording studio forever with not much luck. I'm going back and have a few more stabs at it.

B. Diddy or whatever is not one of my favs obviously! HA

T. Becque said...

Way too complicated for me! Costa Rica looked like fun, ah...the ocean.

We've been told that the cemetary in Tombstone was restored to it's original condition and not set up just for tourists. But as far as that being true...who knows?