Friday, December 18, 2009

That Apotheosis Thing Again

When I was looking for an image to use for my 1,000th post I considered this one. It would have been okay but I'm glad I cooked up that bit of silliness that made it online. We've seen this guy before, Louis IX, King of France, Saint Louis. it's the statue in front of the art museum. You can see its position in Wednesday's post, behind the tree farthest to the right.

The official name of the statue is The Apotheosis of St. Louis. This town could use an apotheosis, that's for sure.


Virginia said...

Old Louie looks a little dastardly here B. Maybe it's the HDR thang! Very cool though.

Olivier said...

belle gestion du HDR.

cieldequimper said...

Le roi saint. He looks so modern all of a sudden.

Luis Gomez said...

Great shot, perfect angle.

brattcat said...

I wouldn't change a thing about your 1000th post. This is a very, very fine image, but on that day, if you had posted this shot, you might have been sending a message you didn't entirely intend. Or not. What do I know?

Bibi said...

Gorgeous statue, Bob! Saint Louis would have been proud.

Check my blog Monday to see a link back to you!