Saturday, December 12, 2009


Representatives of organized labor at the I 64 reopening. I was a Teamster once, Local 125, Irvington NJ. I had to join for a summer job I had during law school, driving a Coca Cola delivery truck. In general, I support unions. They stand in the way of workers being crushed by evil corporate overlords. Well, they aren't all evil. Some are, though.

One weird aspect of my law practice is that the relationship between the judges I practice before and the federal agency they work for is so acrimonious that the judges are unionized. Chew on that.

REMEMBER, TOMORROW IS STL DPB'S 1,000TH POST. There's bound to be some sort of silly image.


Wayne said...

Maybe an evil corporate overlord 'disappeared' Jimmy Hoffa. :)

Virginia said...

You should have joined the 100 Strangers Challenge. You've had some marvelous ones here lately! Great shot!

I don't think i'll sleep a wink tonight thinking about the 1000th post tomorrow!!!


Merry@Syracuse said...

Holy mackerel!

brattcat said...

I'm so excited about my silly little 365th post tomorrow and look at you hitting 1,000! Way to go, slugger.