Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bonfires 8, 9 and 10

I keep learning things about my city because I must wander around with my camera to feed the monster. In a corner of Forest Park, the Parks Department puts out big steel drums in a picnic area at this time of year. News to me. They also provide cardboard boxes of firewood wrapped in plastic sheeting. I'm sure you need a permit. It would be great to come back and shoot this when several fires are going at the same time.

One week from today, December 13, will be STL DPB's 1,000th post. Come back to see the new header (about time) and, if the Force is with me, an appropriate image.

the opening reception of the SEEN 2009 photography competition and show was held last night at Studio Altius. There were 84 images in 15 categories. To my amazement and delight, I won second place in architecture with a picture of San Francisco's Transamerica Building in fog, first place in children with my photo of five stairstep siblings at the Mitrata Children's Home in Kathmandu and first place in portraits with a shot of my mother-in-law's next door neighbor, Ray, with his 1929 Model A. Woo hoo! Somebody get me an agent, stat. The show is on view until January 16.


Virginia said...

First, I'm dressed in my pj's and robe but standing at my computer giving you a hearty round of applause. So richly deserved B!!! So what's with the dork that gave you second place for that fab shot of the Transamerica building?

That's all well and good you know but guess what?? You've still got to feed the monster every day! :)

I thought maybe the bonfire paraphernalia might be for the homeless that perhaps sleep there.Interesting.

brattcat said...

Bravo, bravo, bravo. It's about time your work is recognized by a greater audience!!! You are about to reach 1,000 posts! Astonishing. I have a lot of archives to sift through in my spare time (haha).

PJ said...

Congratulations, I wish I was there to see the prints as I'm sure they're much different from the tiny images we see online. The Transamerica image is one of my favorites as well as Ray. When you posted your entries I saw the reflection in the windshield and that just did it for me. All of your portraits of the children on that trip just tugged at my heart, so impoverished. It's hard for me to look at the photos but they seem connected and happy with one another and that's what really matters. Great work, in every way. The monster is a task master.

I would love to see the fires at night, you could try some light painting like I did in my recent fire post. From what I've seen other people do it's a lot of fun.

sublimegoddess said...

The City of St. Louis Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry will offer hayrides in Forest Park on Friday and Saturday nights on fall weekends starting Friday, Oct. 2 and ending Saturday, Dec. 12.

The wagons, which are pulled by tractors, leave from Faulkner Drive (at Clayton Road near the Science Center) and take a 45-minute ride. They return to the picnic grounds where a bonfire is waiting. Groups can bring hot dogs and marshmallows to roast. The bonfire has a one-hour time limit.

and congratulations!