Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Aftermath

It was a good holiday. Mrs. C. and I had Thanksgiving dinner at our daughter and son-in-law's house. He's a high-end professional chef but we gave him a day off. U "R" Us was down from Chicago. He donned the chef's jacket while doing prep work.

I'm still in the online class about off-camera lighting technique. This week's assignment is to use a snoot on the main light. (What's a snoot? This is the model I used. I have no experience in this whatever.) The image has a 40's film noir look. Sam Spade might be coming to eat at his restaurant.


brattcat said...

He looks like a doctor about to do some sort of life saving procedure! I can hear the music underneath the action, inspiring anxiety about the outcome. Terrific shot.

Olivier said...

superbe la lumiere sur ce b&w, j'adore said...

Great, artsy photo. How handy to have a professional chef in the family. If everyone gave him the day off from cooking, I hope that they gave you the day off from free legal advice.

By the way do you know why chefs uniforms are double breasted, as you show in today's photos?

My wife and I took a tour of the Culinary Institute of America in Napa. The tour culminated in a cooking class, after which they asked if there were any questions. No one raised a hand, which seemed like a waste of an opportunity to me, so I raised my hand. My wife prepared herself to be embarrassed because of my limited knowledge of cooking,

I asked about why chefs wear the double breasted shirts. The answer is so that they can spill on themselves while working in the kitchen, then button the front of the shirt the other way so that it is clean when they want to walk to the front of the house and see guests.

PJ said...

U R US looks remorseful, like he's done something and now he has to clean it up. Really interesting. I love the lighting.

Virginia said...

Dr. Jekyll I presume! Yep, he's up to no good! :)
I've always wanted one of those jackets. I think you just cook better in one!

Terrific lighting here B. You're going to town with this class.

Jilly said...

Beautiful shot, fabulous lighting. Love the atmosphere. Virginia kills me saying that one cooks better in these jackets!

Ming the Merciless said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Bob! The photo came out great!

I've seen a lot of photographers using 'snoots' at the New York Fashion Week. I always thought they were dampers or reflectors for the flash so that the light is not so harsh on the subjects.