Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Got Nothing New So How About A Stuffed Toy Flamingo?

. Mmmm, the hungry mouth of the blog still hangs open. Haven't been out on the street in some time and I have nothing fresh to post. I'm hoping that a toy flamingo in Citygarden from the archives will fill the gap. They have three or four of these around the park. You can pose them however you want.

Actually, I'm hoping U "R" Us and I will be out shooting later today. I need his help for my goofy idea for a new blog banner in honor of my 1,000th post, which comes around in two weeks.


Virginia said...

At least you're honest and admit when you ain't got nuttin'! I always put something lame up and act like it's my best stuff! The stuffed flamingo cracked me up. Can't wait to see what you and A. come up with today. Never a dull moment around here...until today! HAAAAAAAAAA

cieldequimper said...

Put them wherever you like? Nobody steals them?

brattcat said...

When I saw this it made me think of the old "Kilroy was here" image. Do you know that?

Paula said...

I know about the coffers being empty...mine are ready for public assistance.
Love the flamingo, pretty cool they have them about the park.