Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hi, My Name Is Bob And I'm A Photographer, Or, Pinocchio Sweats Bullets

I can't stop. I was going to take a blog break, clean up other stuff, do something else meaningful in my precious free time. Right? So yesterday I was looking out my office window at the rain and gloom and thought maybe I should go buy a sandwich for lunch and you know it looks kind of cool out there in the rain so why don't I put my point-n-shoot in my pocket while I'm walking around in the rain like an idiot? It's here in my briefcase. Just a couple of shots won't hurt. I can stop anytime. So Citygarden is just a block away and hey Pinocchio and Geppetto are soaking wet. Pinocchio looks like he's really nervous and he should be from what the wood carver is about to do to him in this wacky sculpture. So just a couple of shots but what's the light like from this angle but that's all and then go buy a sandwich and back to the office and pretend I'm Sisyphus climbing that mountain of work over and over. Unless I have to edit a picture right this minute.

But I can stop anytime. But I can't. Help.


Jilly said...

Ha! I thought as much as I know I couldn't stop either. Am so glad and this is such fun and goodness, what a beautiful shot in the rain.

I'm not sympathising, Bob - we can both join Photography Anonymous or Bloggers Anonymous or whatever exists for such poor lost souls - or we simply carry on which is obviously what we will do.

Bravo. Love the photo - he seems to be saying 'I told you so!'

Thankyou so much for sharing your thoughts on stopping and not stopping. I'm sure a lot of us identify with you.

Virginia said...

"Hi, my name's Virginia and I could stop being an obsessive photographer if my friend Bob would quit sending me fabulous websites and interesting articles to read all the time!" I'm right there with ya B. Lordy that didnt' take long! ha Well I'll see you and Jilly at PA tonight. Bring your camera. We might get some nice night shots while we're there!

Olivier said...

cette œuvre de tom Otterness est tout simplement grandiose. Je suis un fan de Tom Otterness et dans mon voyage à NYC j'ai découvert d'autres sculptures

cieldequimper said...

:-))))) Are you telling us you have severe addictive symptoms? ;-)

Luis Gomez said...

Really cool. Love it!

Bibi said...

I saw lots of these smaller works of art in the NYC subway this summer! It was hot down there, but none were sweating like your guy.

Paula said...

I think you're supposed to say, Hi, I'm Bob and I'm a photogaholic. But I'm with V, I'll be there and I'll take photos to commemorate the event. You betcha.

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