Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Post For Saturday


Or perhaps for Saturday night. Geez, I haven't thought about this form of entertainment since I was an undergraduate. Party on, dude.

In fact, Binge & Purge is a vintage clothing and oddball kitsch shop on Cherokee Street. An announcement about its opening last March said that "Binge & Purge will have an always alternating inventory of vintage clothing, antique medical devices, military surplus, Japanese candy, human skulls, taxidermied critters, torture devices, outsider art, vintage electronics, malicious machinery, infernal devices, & other aesthetic delights."

How interesting. I didn't actually go in the store but antique medical devices could be worth investigating. I think I'll contact them and see if I can do a feature on the place.


Virginia said...

while you're there, pick up a couple of infernal devices pour moi!

cieldequimper said...

Now why was I thinking of something else? ;-) It's a great idea to have called it like that. I also love the gent walking by. Mabe he's a regular.

JM said...

I'm sure I would love to visit this shop! Very cool shots!

Paula said...

Their clientele must prefer all things extreme? By all means, bring us more.

Nathalie said...

"taxidermied" I didn't know you could turn the name taxidermy into an adjective. Or can you? My spell checker underlines the word as incorrect LOL

The contents of the shop seems incredible. Worth an shooting expedition I reckon!