Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dancers and Drummers


Not only are there mini stage shows in the warm up for our Shakespeare In The Park, there are belly dancers and drummers wandering through the crowd. Ladies, I hear this is very good exercise. And theater fans, it could take your mind off that lousy bottle of wine your friend brought for the pre-play picnic. I watched and took pictures for some time. The woman on the right in the red, white and black robe looked like she never came out of a trance. It occurred to me later that she might be blind.

FOLLOW-UP ON YESTERDAY'S POST: the alert Mrs. C writes that green show "simply means the show on the lawn (green), as opposed to the stage. One of their earlier program books explained it; see this one:

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series.


PJ said...

I saw "Guys and Dolls" in the park a lifetime ago but I remember what a great production it was. What I love about the belly dancers, and that shows here, is that they're so comfortable with their bodies.

cieldequimper said...

Great shots, and that includes yesterday's. Not typically Shakespearian outfits but hey... Is that belt Native American inspired?

Virginia said...

PJ, I"d look comfortable with my body if my "belly" and hmmm... other things looked like theirs. I'm destined for that red, black and white robe these days!

Belly dancers at a Shakespeare event. I'm searching for a connection B.