Sunday, June 21, 2009

All Star Fever

The baseball All Star Game will be played in St. Louis on Tuesday, July 14. This may be of no interest to the rest of the world devoted to that other kind of football, but it's a big deal here. Mrs. C. and I will be there. Our team and city will be represented by Albert Pujols. Only nine years into his career, Pujols may be one of the greatest players to wear a Major League uniform.

The marketing hoopla is really cranking up. From my office window, I saw several small arches with baseball themes pop up in Kiener Plaza. This one celebrates the St. Louis Cardinals' World Series championships, second in number only to the New York Yankees.

I wonder if they will make the beer and hot dogs at the stadium even more expensive for the All Star Game. What they charge now is an outrage.

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Sharon said...

Wow, this photo jumps right out at you! Congrats on the All Star Game.