Sunday, June 28, 2009

O Canada

This was lying in the pavement in Kiener Plaza near my office. It may have fallen off the apparently homeless man sleeping on a bench a couple of steps away, surrounded by a few plastic bags with his possessions. If he were in Canada, would there be less chance of him sleeping on a park bench?

It's an appropriate theme, though, because Mrs. C and I are flying to the great city of Toronto tomorrow for a few days of fun. We'll be there on Wednesday, July 1, which is Canada Day, the national holiday. It's sort of like the Fourth of July in the US but a lot less militaristic. And more welcoming, since almost half of Torontonians were born in other countries. There's a huge fireworks show over Lake Ontario and we'll be in the bleachers (don't forget the tripod!). Then on to northern New Jersey, near NYC, where the Crowes gather over the Fourth of July weekend - more fireworks!

BUT today is St. Louis' annual Pridefest Parade and Fest, where I've gotten some of my very best pictures in past years. Check back TOMORROW.


cieldequimper said...

Abandoned or maybe not. Have a great time in Canada!

Sharon said...

I was in Toronto a few years ago on July 1st and was amazed at all the wonderful activities. You will have a great time!!

Wayne said...

The answer to the question is no. Cities like TO and Vancouver have serious homeless problems.

Have fun in Toronto Bob. I was there in December when it was probably -15º. Now it's more likely to be +30º with a high humidex.

Have a walk around the outside of Gehry's AGO if you get a chance. It's worth a gander.

Virginia said...

When Wayne speaks, you'd better listen when it comes to Canada that is!HA Can't wait for the Pridefest photos. I missed the Paris one this week. Talk about bad timing!!! Now you know that was a doozy for sure.

Oh and B, hope the fireworks at the Crowe clan gathering are the "good" kind!HA

Safe travels and don't forget the tripod. I hauled a monopod all the way to France and ended up using Peter as one!!! Hey, it worked!

Jennifer said...

I happened on your blog because I was interested in rollerderby. Just wanted to let you know that some of the Canada Day celebrations are being cancelled because of a strike in the city, but one that isn't being cancelled is at Downsview Park a large park in the north end of the city where there will be fireworks and other things. It also happens to be the new home of Toronto Rollerderby.
I hope you have an awesome time on your trip!